Management Team

Management Team

B.P. Allaire

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Allaire is an entrepreneurial management executive and seasoned business operator with over 22 years international work experience in a myriad of functional roles spanning finance, sales, marketing, strategy, business development, mergers & acquisitions and operations management across a wide variety of industries.  Mr. Allaire is the former Managing Partner of Versailles Capital Partners, LLC, a multi-discipline strategic advisory and business development firm based in Los Angeles.  He is experienced in executing a rollup strategy and specifically the integration of acquired companies into complex corporate entities with multiple wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Since 2007, Mr. Allaire has provided business development, financial management and strategic advisory services to numerous clients and various partnerships operating in the exploration and development of oil and gas in the Mid-Continent and Gulf-coast regions of the U.S.   Mr. Allaire graduated with a B.S. in Management, A.S. in Finance & Investments, and A.S. in Advertising & Public Relations all from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI.  He earned his M.B.A. from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Business.

Eleazar Ovalle

Executive Vice President of Geology & Geophysical

Mr. Ovalle has over 35 years domestic and international experience as a geoscientist with extensive knowledge in the Gulf of Mexico Shelf and Deepwater, onshore Texas and Israel.  He has a proven history of making several large commercial discoveries, having participated in 11 discoveries as a team member and eight discoveries as sole generator in both onshore and onshore U.S. basins.  He has developed a proprietary exploration methodology for identifying large hydrocarbon exploration trends.

Mr. Ovalle has spent the last 10 years managing seasoned geotechnical teams in the pursuit of exploring new geologic trends and impact plays.  He has developed unique skills in 3-D seismic processing of sub-salt basins, state of the art AVO techniques, geomodeling and exploration appraisal analysis.   Mr. Ovalle has a BA in Geology from Trinity University, is a Board certified member of the Texas State Board of Professional Geoscientists and a member of American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

Ritchie Lanclos

Executive Vice President of Exploration

Mr. Lanclos has over 25 years domestic experience working as a Petroleum Engineer both onshore and offshore in specific geologic regions of South Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico Shelf & Deepwater.  He has developed very unique skills in risk mitigation, economic modeling, SEC reserve bookings, reservoir management and exploration and development techniques for appraising prolific Deepwater sub-salt commercial discoveries.

Mr. Lanclos has over 10 years of deep knowledge managing multi-discipline technical teams and as a principal consultant.  Management roles have included directing drilling, production and exploration teams while maintaining technical reservoir engineering duties.  Most recently he provided consultant services in evaluating Deepwater sub-salt commercial discoveries, where he developed techniques to appraise current geologic trends.  Mr. Lanclos has a B.S. from the University of Southwestern Louisiana and a M.S. from Texas A&M University and is an an active member of the SPE.

Christopher Jarvis

Executive Vice President of Finance, Director and Vice President of Risk Management, Foothills Petroleum Inc.

Mr. Jarvis has over 20 years of capital markets and investments experience covering the equity, commodity, and fixed-income markets.  He engineered and executed energy risk management hedges for large multi-national companies and as a publishing analyst, he was ranked #1 by Bloomberg’s BARR analyst ranking system.  He is a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) and also a Certified Market Technician (CMT).  He routinely appears on CNBC, Fox Business News, and Reuters.  He is a contributor to major print media outlets including Reuters, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal as an oil and gas analyst.

Mr. Jarvis earned a B.A. in Arts History from University of Massachusetts and an M.B.A. from the University of Connecticut, with a concentration in Finance.  He is a member of the CFA Institute and also the Market Technicians Association (MTA).  He has been a member of the University of Connecticut Financial Accelerator Advisory Board for the last 10 years and previously served as the Vice President of the Autism Society of New Hampshire (2004-09).

Kevin Sylla

Chief Executive Officer and Director, Foothills Petroleum, Inc.

Kevin Sylla has served as Managing Director of Tiger Energy Operating, LLC and Tiger Energy Partners International, LLC for the past five years and he will continue in those roles for the foreseeable future.  Mr. Sylla played a key advisory role in the successful combination and integration of Tiger’s assets into Foothills Exploration.  He has over 10 years of oil & gas industry experience with extensive knowledge in business development, mergers and acquisitions, and management of oil and gas field operations.  Mr. Sylla has participated extensively in the financing, acquisition and development of numerous domestic oil and gas properties.  His acquisition experience has been focused on improving operating and financial efficiencies with underperforming assets resulting in enhanced value creation.  Mr. Sylla is the managing member of Wilshire Energy Partners, LLC, a principal shareholder of the Company and has provided consulting services to the Company since its formation.  During his career, Mr. Sylla has drilled, reworked and overseen the management of hundreds of wells.  Mr. Sylla completed the Petroleum Land Management Program at Texas Christian University and earned his Energy & Finance Management Certification from the University of Denver.

Alex Hemb


Mr. Hemb has over 25+ years international experience working as a petroleum engineer both onshore and offshore, having worked in Norway, Canada, Belize, Germany, and Scotland in addition to the U.S.  He engineered and developed technology for separating oil and water and commercialized this into a successful company providing oil/water separation services to the oil and gas industry.  Mr. Hemb is currently Vice President of Engineering for Helmer Directional Drilling, where he has worked for the past 15 years.

Mr. Hemb spent 9 years working across a variety of engineering, planning and sales roles with Baker Hughes both in the U.S. and internationally.  He has a proven management track record, having performed a successful turn-around of the Norwegian division of CETCO, returning the division to profitability by reducing losses, growing new business, right-sizing the company and hiring his replacement Managing Director to lead the division.  Mr. Hemb has a B.S. and M.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering from Montana Tech and he also holds numerous certifications from various oil and gas technical schools.  He completed compulsory Military Training in Norway and served as a Military Police based at NATO’s Northern European HQ.