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Nature of Operations and Summary of Significant Accounting Policies

Nature of Operations and Summary of Significant Accounting Policies
3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2017
Accounting Policies [Abstract]  
Nature of Operations and Summary of Significant Accounting Policies

Note 1. Nature of Operations and Summary of Significant Accounting Policies




Foothills Exploration, Inc., (“Company” or “Foothills Exploration”) was incorporated in the State of Delaware on May 13, 2010, under the name of “Key Link Assets Corp.” for the purpose of acquiring a portfolio of heavily discounted real estate properties in the Chicago metropolitan area. The Company changed its focus and planned to acquire small and medium sized grocery stores in non-urban locales that are not directly served by large national supermarket chains.


On May 2, 2016, Foothills Petroleum Inc., a Nevada corporation (“FPI”), acquired over 14.1 million pre-split (56.4 million post-split) shares of the Company’s common stock constituting approximately 96% of our then issued and outstanding shares (“FPI Acquired Shares”). As of May 16, 2016, we effected a 4:1 forward split of our shares of common stock.


On May 27, 2016, we entered into a Share Exchange Agreement with shareholders of FPI whereby we acquired all of the outstanding shares of FPI in exchange for 4,500,000 shares of our common stock and also issued 1,503,759 shares of our common stock on automatic conversion of debt (please see discussion below under Overview) for an aggregate of 6,003,759 shares of our common stock (the “Share Exchange”). As a result of the Share Exchange, FPI became our wholly owned subsidiary and the FPI Acquired Shares were returned to treasury and deemed cancelled. For accounting purposes, this transaction is being accounted for as a reverse acquisition and has been treated as a recapitalization of the Company with FPI considered the accounting acquirer, and the financial statements of the accounting acquirer became the financial statements of the registrant. The completion of the Share Exchange resulted in a change of control. The FPI Shareholders obtained approximately 96% of voting control on the date of Share Exchange. FPI was the acquirer for financial reporting purposes and the Company was the acquired company. The condensed consolidated financial statements after the acquisition include the balance sheets of both companies at historical cost, the historical results of FPI and the results of the Company from the acquisition date. All share and per share information in the accompanying condensed consolidated financial statements and footnotes have been retroactively restated to reflect the recapitalization.


Prior to the Share Exchange, we had minimal assets and recognized no revenues from operations, and were accordingly classified as a shell company. On June 24, 2016, we filed an amendment to our Current Report on Form 8-K originally filed on June 10, 2016, indicating that we were no longer a shell company as defined by Rule 12b-2 of the Exchange Act. In light of closing the Share Exchange transaction with the shareholders of FPI, the Company became actively engaged in oil and gas operations through its wholly owned subsidiary.


On December 12, 2016, the Company entered into a participation agreement with Magna Operating, LLC, a privately held Houston-based independent exploration and production company (“Magna Operating”), in relation to the Labokay prospect, covering approximately 240 acres in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.


As consideration for an assignment of interest in and to the leases and the prospect, Foothills Petroleum Operating, Inc., a Nevada corporation and indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company (“FPOI”), tendered to Magna Operating the purchase price in the amount of $144,000. This amount covered FPOI’s share of the land, lease, and administrative costs that Magna Operating incurred in generating and assembling the Labokay prospect as of November 15, 2016. As further consideration for an assignment of working interest in and to the leases, FPOI agreed to participate in the cost, risk, and expense of drilling the Labokay test well. The well was plugged and abandoned in February 2017.


On December 30, 2016, the Company acquired various oil and gas assets in Utah from Total Belief Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of New Times Energy Corporation Limited. These assets included certain oil and gas wells throughout the Uinta Basin in Utah on acreage with over 30 proven undeveloped drilling locations, additional non-operating interest in other leases, and access to approximately 6,000 acres in the Uinta Basin with proven and probable reserves and existing infrastructure in place. Through the acquisition, Foothills also obtained six shut-in wells in the Natural Buttes Field, Utah. The transaction provides Foothills with the rights to an agreement to acquire up to 6,000+ acres and up to 16 shut-in oil and gas wells with proved and proved undeveloped reserves on Tribal lands in the Uinta Basin. This acquisition delivers to the Company an additional 40% working interest in the Ladysmith Prospect covering 3,060 acres in the Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming, bringing the Company’s total working interest in the prospect from 35% (pre-acquisition) up to 75%.


By this agreement, the Company acquired 13,166,667 shares, constituting 55.63% of the outstanding shares of Grey Hawk Exploration, Inc. (“Grey Hawk”), a British Columbia, Canada company. Grey Hawk owns a non-operated working interest in two non-producing wells in the southern portion of the Natural Buttes Field.


On December 30, 2016, the Company also acquired the remaining 25% membership interest in TEPI from Green Stone Capital Partners Limited, a Cayman Islands limited liability company, in exchange for assumption of Greenstone’s proportionate share of TEPI obligations and liabilities.


Nature of Operations


FPI, the Company’s main operating subsidiary, was incorporated in Nevada in December 2015. Foothills is an independent oil and gas exploration company with a focus on the acquisition and development of oil and gas properties in the Rockies and Gulf Coast. Foothills seeks to acquire dislocated and underdeveloped oil and gas assets and maximize those assets to create shareholder value (the “Business”).


The Company’s principal obligations include:


  A debenture in the amount of $1,250,000, plus interest accruing at a rate of 9% per annum issued to Berwin Trading Limited with principal and interest due upon maturity on May 6, 2017. Subsequent to the period ending March 31, 2017 the Company and Berwin Trading Limited agreed to extend the maturity date of the debenture to June 20, 2017, in return for an annual interest rate increase from 9% to 13.5% per annum for the life of the debenture;
  A second debenture in the amount of $1,000,000, plus interest accruing at a rate of 9% issued to Full Wealth Investment Hong Kong Limited (collectively the “Debentures”) with principal and interest due upon maturity on or before May 5, 2017. The Company and Full Wealth Investment Hong Kong Limited have been in discussions to extend the term of this debenture upon terms that are comparable to those for the Berwin Trading Limited debenture and Full Wealth Investment Hong Kong Limited has acknowledged that its debenture is not deemed to be in default.
  A promissory note in the amount of $6,000,000 to Total Belief Limited (“TBL”), a direct wholly-owned subsidiary of New Times Energy Corporation Limited, in connection with the assets acquired on December 30, 2016, with a maturity date of June 30, 2018. This promissory note accrues no interest during its term and is due and payable in full on or before its maturity date.


From its inception in December 2015 through the period ended March 31, 2017, Foothills produced limited revenues from its business and principal properties and is currently an exploration stage company. Prior to January 2017, Foothills had minimal operations that were focused mainly on administrative activities connected to the identification and evaluation of potential oil and gas prospects and other potential leasehold acquisitions in our geographical areas of interest. As of March 31, 2017, Foothills had rights to 45,648 acres of oil and gas property in the state of Wyoming, excluding 6,115 acres of the Ironwood prospect that are subject to drilling a well in 2017.